About Hammocking

Having visualised the ability to walk again, Milton Erickson overcame his childhood paralysis. Erickson was able to share his success even with those whom many specialists believed to be beyond cure. Using his own experience, he helped many patients fulfil their dreams and reach their goals, making him one of the most famous hypnotherapists of all time.

Enjoying good health, being free from addictions, gaining self-confidence, achieving a healthy weight, as well as success and contentment within your job, love life and envisioning a bright future for yourself – hypnosis has the power to make a positive impact. Once anchored on your subconsciousness, it will become your reality.

Our body and soul have the power to self-heal and bring about change through intuition, our inner-voices and narratives as well as our beliefs. If your mind is preoccupied with failure, hopelessness and a lack of vision, your life is most likely marred by those negative forces. Dissatisfaction, depression, pain, illness or addiction are often the consequence.

Hammocking for change affects all areas of life, for example through:

finding your path, decision-making, overcoming inner obstacles (also pain and addiction), resolving negative self-belief, coping with separation, loss and grief, stagnation, procrastination or burn-out and stress, conquering discontentment, gaining more self-confidence, and forgiving.

Finding your path

If you can dream it, you can do it!

“The only possibility to fail is never even to try.”

Hypnosis is similar to a deep guided relaxation of body and mind, lodged between wakefulness and sleep, in the world of dreams and images, where language and imagination merge in your subconsciousness. Your well known inner-critic, sceptic and worrier are more or less silent in a state of comfortable trance.

Accessing this space will allow changes in your subconsciousness, perspective and attitude that may have appeared unthinkable before.

Hypnosis alters your inner landscape – and, therefore, your emotions. During this process, your subconscious allows only the flow of thoughts in full agreement with your values and aims.

And these positive images and feelings will accompany you and root inside you, where before you may have felt mentally blocked, fearful and generally dissatisfied.

You are now ready for a much better life.

Please acknowledge that the hypnotherapist will at no point conduct any medical or healing therapy. No commercial practice of healing takes place at any time. Hammocking – hypno-coaching – is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Hypnosis has no side effects – except, it leads to a better life.

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