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Anneli created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. She asked excellent questions and isolated the nitty-gritty in my life quickly and efficiently. Her technique encouraged me to look more clearly at myself and how I want to be, to remove self-created obstacles, and to will my specific wish in a visualized manner, while feeling positive throughout the process. What is left is up to me to realize and follow-through to attain my own vision.

Joshua S., Berlin / New York
Anneli was 100% present in my session. Her questions to my situation were deep and very quickly she got to the core of my issues.
It opened up new and valuable insights for me.
I came with 15 year old pains and since my session my symptoms are completely gone!! My life has started to change in several ways after the session and I feel I am being led to new paths in life.
If you are ready for change, I highly recommend a session with Anneli!

Sille K., Kopenhagen